About Pdfpoint

When we started initially the only goal in our mind was to come up with something which can bridge the gap between a student and teacher. This was the vision only which encouraged us to create a site where a group of Faculty & Student from different background and location are dedicated to design the platform and bring it to reality leading to the success. Today our efforts had given us back a reputation amongst the student, faculty and people with literature background where they can find a solution to all their queries without thinking much. They can post content related to the queries posted on the site so that others can also benefit from the reading, stating this will also help them to bring the name to themselves as the number of audiences which can relate to the topic will add on to their respective growth circle.

We have tried our best to explain difficult topics in an easiest possible way. We have extended our arms to creative writing and other activity section too. The pedagogy followed here is the simplest, student friendly and focuses on increasing the aptitude of the student. We have been hitting the nail on the head by delivering the value services.

How this whole idea conceptualized...

This all started when we were pursuing our bachelors and realized that the right study material is something which every student requires. In order to get the right study material one has to spend nearly a whole day into practice in order to locate it. In the off chance when we as a student were not able to refer to the books for the concepts, then we were used to asking our teachers hesitantly. There were two reasons for the hitch, one the reputation which can change from a brilliant student to one who is dumb and secondly the fear of getting scolded. Sometimes when the question was too stupid to ask we were used to Google it. Finally, our group of batch thought that lets have a bridge which can connect all of it Students, Papers, Google, Questions and Idea. The result was PDF point.com which brings an extensive number of research papers offered to the students with expert advice and a platform to connect with the same level student to discuss the fact more extensively in order to get a solution. Our vision was to find a solution, though fame to this idea was something which followed.

What all we offer...?

We have extensive research papers and other study material related to engineering (Btech./ Mtech) all branches along with an expert panel that can come up with their experience and can help you in clearing your doubts. Apart from the technical degree we also have different study material for Management, Literature and 10+2 students.

The class filter helps you to select the sort of material and stream you wish the study material for from our vivid material for various classes. The study material can vary from eBooks, subject notes from the teachers, Projects, Dissertations, Assignments, Subject Notes, Ppts, Previous year solved papers, research papers along with the private notes which other students have prepared and uploaded.

Coming to literature, you can find a colossal collection of Novels, Poetry, Famous Prose, Articles from the people who matter, Essays and Quotes. Going by the student perspective we have kept the information in English and Hindi language.

Who can all benefit from it?

The Engineering and Management Group

If you are a student and are pursuing either Management or Engineering, Final year assignment is something which we need to submit in order to get the degree. The challenge here becomes two times because your concept should be new as well as your source of information, otherwise you cannot benefit from the same. At PDFpoint such student can consult with the experts from the field and get to know about the topics which they can prepare along with the reference of books where they can study from. Not only that, there is a reference help available always on our site which can be your helping hand in making project notes.

10+2 Student & Teachers

For the 12th standard we have ample of material on all the subjects along with the answers from the text books, famous reference books and some new ones which have been prepared looking at the trend from last year examination along with predicament for this year. This material comes handy while preparing for exams or making assignments.

UPSC/CAT Aspirants

A student who wish to clear competitive exams such as (UPSC/CAT) to extend their studies and knowledge they are encouraged to read novels and article. At PDFpoint we try to bring in the best write-ups from various experts in the field and log them under classes so that the only thing which you are left to concentrate about is your studies.

Passionate writers/poets

Writing is a synonym to passion. Nobody can learn to write in this world that is the reason we have built a section for the upcoming and expert authors and poets where they can shout out their feelings and can definitely add to the literature segment of ours.

Our Services


It covers all engineering ebooks, subject notes,sample papers, research papers, previous year question papers, projects, etc.


It covers all management ebooks, subject notes, sample papers, previous year question papers, research papers, etc.


It covers all subjects textbooks, sample papers, previous year question papers, reference books, subject notes, etc.


It covers stories, novels, poetry, fantacy, articles, biography, autobiography, jokes, etc.